Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics cat

Are your Mom and Dad obsessed with the Olympics? Mine are. Which has been OK, because I've gotten a lot of extra love from Mom while she watches the games (and that's making the others jealous, hehe). Some of these sports aren't quite for me. I'm not a swimmer, for sure. I like the balance beam, though. I think I could do that real well. But I think sand volleyball is the best sport for me. It combines batting balls out of the air, and a giant litter box. Who could ask for anything more. And just to show my volleyball ability, Dad and I practiced a little ball hitting.

Swat the ball
I'm working on my spike. I won't let the ball get past me. I guess I could be a soccer goalie, too. (Eric's one, two three post reminded me how much I enjoyed this game...)

Also, read today's Lio ... I think we can all relate.

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