Monday, August 04, 2008

Aunt Tiff comes bearing gifts

Aunt Tiff came in to town Friday night, and like any good aunt she picked up some toys for us. She got us some more catnip canes. These are "Nautical" catnip canes, and they are yummy! Dad even shot a video of us with the canes that we will show after he plays with it some and if he can get it to upload. (We had a Maggie movie for today, but You Tube is taking forever to upload it, so we'll see about video.)

Maggie catnip cane
Maggie has her catnip cane technique down. She hugs it, bends it, and licks it to death.

Huggy Bear gets two
Huggy Bear wanted two canes, and since he's a big boy, Aunt Tiff said OK. (Please ignore the box from Sam's in the background. We've loved it so much that it has been in the kitchen longer than it should have.)

Josie enjoying her catnip cane
Josie took a very careful inspection of her catnip canes. She was so intent on her cane that she didn't even care that Huggy Bear kept smacking her in the face with his tail. I think she was a little high on the 'nip.

I also played with my cane, but to see that you'll have to wait for the (maybe) video.

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