Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

You may have noticed that Josie hasn't been featured on the blog in a little while. Well, it's because she hasn't been home the last week. Someone saw our blog and saw Josie, then found all her pictures on Flickr and decided that they wanted to feature her in a photo essay in Southern Living called Blogging Cats of the South. So Mom took her to Atlanta while Dad stayed here with the rest of us. The people at the photo studio were very impressed with her, which doesn't surprise me in the least, and it's very exciting because they also work with Whisker Lickins and Josie may be featured in an upcoming magazine ad, too!

Tiny nose, tiny toes
Here's Josie resting after her long trip. Four hours in the car is quite a long trip for a kitten!

Pink and green
They said it was her beautiful pink nose and green eyes that really caught their attention, and that they thought it was so interesting that we keep a cat blog. Admittedly, I was a little jealous at first, since I do the blogging, but I let that go. She does have pretty green eyes and a nearly perfect symmetrical tuxedo look, which I think appealed to the visual arts guy. So keep your eyes out for Josie in the new technology section of Southern Living magazine some to a newsstand near you soon.


Josie's just been hanging out, doing her own thing and avoiding the camera so Mom and Dad made sure to get some good Josie pictures to make up for the fact that she's been missing from the blog.

Josie don't you want chick-hen?
Here she is eating a little chick-hen that Mom fixed for her, although she looks a little surprised in this picture. She only ate a few tiny pieces before Maggie came and helped her finish it off. She hid under the old bread cabinet so she could eat in peace, but Maggie usually seeks her out and eats some of her food anyway!

Have a good Tuxie Tuesday and don't get fooled!

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