Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my sixth birthday ... I really can't believe I'm six years old already! Dad is charging up batteries for the old camera since Mom has the new one with her, and he promises birthday pictures for tomorrow's post. So for my birthday post, I have some kitten pictures of little old me that Mom scanned in a little while back.

When I first came home Mom and Dad wanted to introduce me to the house slowly. I was born in a shelter and hadn't been around a lot of space before, so they started me in the bathroom while they prepared the house. As you can see, I found the toilet paper, much like Maggie likes to do now. It was a nice day and I got to sit in the open window my first day home!

Jasper's first picture
This is one of my first pictures. I was a little unsure about all the space and I found this spot under the chair in the living room and it seemed pretty safe. (In retrospect, the chair had rockers, and I don't think cat tails and rockers are supposed to co-exist.)

cat and mouse
This is my very first toy! It was a gift from Mom and Dad's friend Jen. I loved it so much. It's still in the bag of old cat toys and comes out every now and then. It had an elastic string on it so it could spring up and down, and Dad attached it to the scratcher so I could bat it around, but I was quick to figure out that I could pin it down and chew the string in half and get the mouse free to wrestle with instead.

window kitty
Here I am in the bathroom window. I really liked this window in the old house in Iowa. I could sit here and look out over the patio and watch Mom grill dinner. Look how little I was!

jasper in a bowl
Oh wow! I forgot about my old red bowl. I think this bowl is around somewhere, probably in a box. I know for sure I couldn't fit in it now. I'd probably roll around for an hour just trying to figure out how to get my legs in it.

Full Monty
This is my first Full Monty picture! I was on the couch with Mom. I'm not the biggest cuddler, but I would sleep with Mom for a little while as a kitten.

Jasper sleeping in the trash can
I also liked to sleep in the trash can beside Mom and Dad's bed. I would follow them up to bed, knock the trash can over, and curl up in it. At this point in this picture I had gotten a little big to fit completely in the trash can, but Dad had reached the point where he left the trash can empty for me.

Jasper's first portrait
This is my first kitten portrait. At first I liked to hang real close to the edges of the room, just to be safe. Plus I wasn't sure what all the flashing was. I've grown numb to the camera mostly now. (Yes, I had buggers as a kitten, but I think it was because I investigated everything.)

smart cat
I always liked getting behind the books. I think my love of books may have led to my desire to write a blog. Or maybe they're just a cool place to hide. The book on the far right is "The Bigness of the Fellow Within" which I think is a premonition of the bigness of the cat within the little kitten I was.

cat in a sink
I have always been a fan of the sink, even when I hardly filled it. My small size didn't stop me from trying to fill the sink up, though!

Nappin' with mom
Here's proof that I did sleep with Mom, even as a kitten. Sleeping with Mom on the couch is the best! And since I can't have Mom to snuggle with today on my birthday, I'll wrap up with this nice memory instead. I can't wait until tonight when I get my birthday gifts! I saw Dad bring in a bag from a different pet store, which hopefully means a new, different toy selection.

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Annie said...

What a fun loving cat; I like the pic where his head is kinda squished. I'm sure he deserves all those toys from the pet supplies store.