Friday, April 04, 2008

Fashion Friday

It's not often that we get to do a Fashion Friday since we don't tolerate clothes quite like Daisy does so when Huggy Bear decided he would try to wear Mom's shoes we knew we had to capture this moment and have a Fashion Friday!

Huggy Bear trying on Jeni's shoes
It doesn't matter that he was wearing Mom's shoes backward, really, because he doesn't have long toes to fill the rest of the shoe anyway, so they actually become a more comfortable platform when worn the wrong way. Huggy Bear chose these shoes for two reasons, 1) the black matches his furs, and 2) they are Mom's favorites, and if they're Mom's favorites then there must be something special about them.

Also, Mom found this super cute "Hop to the Rescue" shirt at the Animal Rescue site that she thought was worth pointing out.

Have a Happy Fashion Friday!

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