Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #20 -- A through M

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, which provides nice material for two weeks worth of Thursday Thirteens. This Thursday you will be graced with the front of the alphabet, A through M.

1. A is for Appetite, what Huggy Bear has a lot of.
2. B is for Beautiful, my sister Josie for sure.
3. C is for Catblogosphere, the place that connects us all.
4. D is for Delicious, like fresh food from the bag.
5. E is for Energy, that Maggie seems to have an endless supply of.
6. F is for Furminator, Mom's new favorite brush for us.
7. G is for Gracie, our sticky little friend who gives us treats.
8. H is for Huggy Bear, of course.
9. I is for Ice, one of our favorite kitchen toys.
10. J is for Jasper and Josie, the big brother and sister.
11. K is for Kittens, Mom's greatest temptation, and what she still calls us, although we're definitely cats.
12. L is for Love, which we receive limitlessly from Mom and Dad.
13. M is for Maggie, my cute little winking sister, and McKitten-Cats -- that's us!

Next week, I'll wrap up the alphabet with N through Z!

(I forgot to turn my post orange for ASPCA Day!)

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