Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introducing Topi

We have a new "cat" in the family ... it's Topi, the topiary. Mom is very excited about Topi (not as excited as she is about us, but still excited). When she was up in Virginia helping out Lisa, she visited her friend Betsey who owns a nursery and they had these great topiaries called Green Piece Wire Art and Mom just fell in love with Topi. Now Topi sits in the front of our house guarding the front steps. She's the only cat in our family who really likes to get wet.

Topi the topiary
Isn't she cute?

Mom worked her tail off yesterday getting ready for a dinner meeting last night for a group she volunteers with. It was a great meal according to everyone who was there. We wouldn't know, we were locked in the master bathroom. They only let us out at the end, when everyone's getting ready to go, and there's chaos, but everyone wants to see the cats. And someone even had the nerve to call Josie a big cat!?! That's when I decided to stay upstairs by myself.

Now that things have finally calmed down Mom promised to let me visit all my friends and make comments. I'm sorry I've been absent from the comments lately, but sometimes I needs Mom's thumbs to help me comment and use the mouse.

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