Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #19 -- Our blankets

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday featured a picture of Maggie sitting atop her favorite orange blanket while Mom lay napping beneath a white blanket. Despite living in the warm (sometimes scorchingly hot) Columbia, SC, we have quite an array of blankets. Part of this is due to the fact that Mom and Dad (and I) lived in Iowa for about seven years. Part is just that we all (Mom and Dad included) like blankets. So here's a rundown of our favorite 13 blankets...

1-4: Our Kitty Kozies from Timothy's Grammie. They are arranged around the house in strategic places, two in the living room for Huggy Bear and Maggie in their favorite places, one in the office, and one in the kitty stroller.
5. Maggie's orange B, featured in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. This is one of her favorite blankets, and she will knead it and nuzzle it like she's cozying up next to her mother to nurse.
6. The white blanket Mom was napping under in yesterday's picture. This is a recent addition to the blankets. Mom bought one like this for a friend at Christmas from Sam's Club, and liked it so much she bought another for us. It does look better on the bed than the orange blanket, so it doesn't necessarily have to be hidden when company comes over.
7. There's another white blanket, more of a woven blanket, that was a wedding present and has managed to stand the test of time. That's the one usually at Dad's feet on the other couch. This is the blanket that Fluffy, the one-that-came-before, would sleep on. It would stay folded on one cushion of the sofa, and he would seek it out and sleep on that blanket, and usually only that blanket.
8. There's also an orange and blue blanket from Old Navy that stays in the cat carrier. We like this one too, and it is comforting to have in there for those occasional unfortunate trips.
9. The blue/red/green flannel duvet cover which isn't exactly a blanket but since it no longer graces a bed, but is more of a throw/blanket for those extra cool nights, or when company comes and we haven't haired it up too much. That duvet actually predates Mom and Dad's wedding, which means it's extra broken in and well loved.
10. OK -- running out of blankets, but lets think now, oh year, we'll definitely count the old old old comforter than is now folded up in the garage on some boxes. It was another favorite of Fluffy's, and is now a favorite of ours, too. Mom and Dad keep the old, ragged comforters as dust covers in the garage, which turns them into perfect napping perches for us.
11. I'll have to count the comforter on Mom and Dad's bed as a favorite too, although technically not a blanket. We love it so much that, as a precaution, Mom picked up a second one just in case it got "loved" too much and was torn. (See, the bedroom colors are based on the comforter, and destruction of the comforter would be a bad day...)
12. Also, since I have to start counting comforters, I'll include the comforter in the guest/Aunt Tiffany room. Josie loves to put her hairs on this one.
13. And since I've completely drained the resources, and don't want to go into more of a stretch, I'll count the old futon as the final one, only because it has this great micro suede material that we've never really managed to tear up with our claws, but it does collect our hair well, and I needed a number 13.

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