Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #22: Projects

I had a lot of fun with the last two Thursday Thirteens. Looking back, though, I now wish I had chosen a longer alphabet, because it really gives you something to work with, and I was flattered by the other cats who wanted to us the idea (and hope you do). Today's Thursday Thirteen is a list of cat-related projects Mom and Dad need to tackle for us.

1. The official litter box room: Right now the litter box is in a vacant closet in a cluttered room that will eventually become a nursery. But there is a small storage space in the laundry room that Dad thinks would be perfect for our litter box. Plus it's further away from noses. Problem is, Mom and Dad would need to get a new washer and dryer because, while there is space there, Dad can't squeeze back there very easily to get to the box to clean it.
2. Design the better litter box: Dad actually had a big idea of making a litter box that would be a small chest, built against the wall of the garage so we could go into the box that is, essentially, outside, accessed by a cat door, but still a "room" so we couldn't get into trouble if the big door was open. Unfortunately, this idea never came to fruition because of the layout of the house.
3. Build us a cat fort: Dad has always envisioned building us the coolest cat fort ever. First, Dad needs to learn to use a saw.
4. Cat tree: Dad also wants to get a cat tree -- you know, one of those tree looking cat stands that attaches from floor to ceiling. Of course, we'd need our own room for all this cool stuff.
5. Go green: Mom and Dad are trying to go greener. They bought reusable grocery bags, which eliminated the plastic bags that Dad scoops the litter box into, so they bought paper lunch bags for the litter box waste, which works better and breaks down in the landfill better than the plastic bags.
6. Cardboard cat house: Similar to the cat fort, but Mom and Dad have discussed using cardboard boxes, and cutting them so they interlock in different ways to build a cool cat house for us.
7. A new paper bag tunnel: This one I just decided to add on the fly, because I just remembered, but when I was a kitten Mom and Dad would get paper grocery bags, cut a square hole in the bottom or side and interlock the bags and tape them together, creating a zig-zag paper bag tunnel. They need to do that again.
8. Straighten the garage: The garage needs some work, and the clutter is disturbing my restful garage time.
9. New garage stacks: Speaking of the garage, I think they need to re-stack the boxes in the garage into a new configuration. Variety is exciting.
10. More spa time: I don't know if this counts as a project, exactly, but I think we deserve more spa time, brushes and nails and relaxing music all sounds good to me.
11. More high spaces: I wish Dad would build the steps up the wall out of shelves like he had talked about. Sure, it would put a bunch of holes in the wall, and really confuse people, but I think it would be cool to have lots of high spots to hang out in.
12. Cat stroller time: They need to take Maggie on more strolls, now that the weather is getting warm again. This is fun for Maggie, and gives us some quiet time, too.
13. Win Powerball: OK, another one that isn't really a "project" exactly, but I think it would be a good thing to do. Then Dad could stay home, Mom would be less stressed, and they could both spend more time paying attention to us and visiting your blogs, and I couldn't think of anything better than that.


Also, did you guys see the newspaper article about us? Max posted an article that actually leads with him and mentions Mom Robyn and Cat Blogosphere, too. Pretty cool!

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