Monday, April 28, 2008

Midnight Mancat Monday

Huggy Bear's fur chair
Originally uploaded by jenianddean

In honor of Midnight Mancat Monday, I thought I would post a picture of Huggy Bear and his fur chair. This chair is the whole reason mom bought the Furminator. Huggy Bear is shedding everywhere, but especially on his chair. Mom isn't upset with about it or anything. The chair is in desperate need of being recovered and Huggy has really taken to the chair. I used to sleep in it all the time in our apartment because it was next to the sliding glass doors and I could watch the birdies and talk to Midnight (and any other kitties that decided to come by for a visit). But since we moved into house, I have found a ton of other place to nap!

Note from Mom: I had just vacuumed the chair a couple days before this picture. That's just how much Huggy is shedding. I don't remember him shedding like this last year. The funny thing is his coat looks and feels just as floofy like he hasn't lost any fur. Who knows!

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