Monday, April 21, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mom and Dad were out this weekend in the yard. The first big farmer's market plant sale was this weekend and that kept Mom and Dad busy, including nine hours on Sunday which left Dad a little redder than he was in the morning.

They also were helping out watching Clara Ann, the sticky person who hasn't learned to feed us treats yet. But she was outside most of the day, which meant that we were free to roam the windows and explore her stuff.

Jasper playing in Clara Ann's exersaucer
She came in to produce some stink of her own and caught me hanging out in her exersaucer. It really is a perfect fit, and she said it was OK for me to stay there.

Jasper hanging out in the exersaucer
It fits me like a giant, shallow sink. Eventually we may have our own sticky person to train, but in the meantime I think Mom needs to get an exersaucer for me.

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