Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday pictures

Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes. I got all kinds of love from the Cat Blogosphere yesterday. Thank you all. I will try to get by in the next few days and visit everyone. I've been a little remiss with Mom gone. I'm a slow clicker without her help.

Also, it was so cool to know I share my birthday with so many other great cats, like Luna, and Princess, and Dr. Tweety, and of course, the Cat Realm Blogoversary, which was quite a party! (Didn't there used to be a master list of all the birthdays somewhere on Blogger?)

Fancy Feast birthday cake -- #6
Last night when Dad got home the first thing he did was break out my birthday cake, a can of Fancy Feast Elegant Medley stinky goodness in the shape of a 6.

Jasper's bag of birthday toys
Dad got me a bunch of toys -- a whole bag full!

Jasper investigating the spider on the string
We got a little distracted by the black spider toy on the bouncy string, so some of the toys are waiting for another day.

Maggie getting bouncy spider
(I shared my toys and opted for birthday garage time, which is just like regular garage time -- you know, chewing plants, climbing boxes -- except it's on my birthday and lasts a little longer.)

Fuzzy spider and catnip sock
Josie really liked the black spider toy and quickly put the toothy death on it. Dad really thought we'd like the catnip sock more, but we didn't pay much attention to it. I think it's because we liked the spider so much more.

Although Huggy Bear escaped the pictures, he was right there, and after Josie put the toothy death on the spider, he took it and gave it the ominous, threatening growl that he does to all new furry toys that come in the house. It's so funny, because he is such a sweet cat, but has such an imposing growl just at fuzzy toys.

Thanks again for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I am truly touched.

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