Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're Back

Ah ... Mom and Dad finally got home last night, but between the lightning storm, realizing that the DVR flaked and lost all their season finales from Sunday and Monday, and having to run to the store before the really good coupon expired last night (like Cinderella at midnight), I didn't get to make a post. But they're back, which means the computer's back on and I'm back, too.

A quick update ... Mom and Dad drove 1400 miles between traveling to Tennessee and Mississippi for two graduations last weekend. That's South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi that they had to drive through. But all that driving didn't keep them from giving us all kinds of love last night, and extra treats too!

Mom and Dad visited with our cousin cats and dogs, too, but those pictures are still on the camera. I promise more of an update soon, as well as an exciting project Dad's been working on for my blog that will hopefully be done for next week!

Also, someone at Dad's work forwarded him this article about a personality test for your cat when adopting a cat, but don't they know that we pick them, not the other way around?

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