Saturday, May 10, 2008

PhotoHunt: Share ANY photo

Today's PhotoHunt theme is to share ANY photo, which is tougher than having a specific theme, if you ask me, because you have to really think about what photo you want to share. There are plenty I could have shown, some good ones of me in the kitchen enjoying the cool floor, or of Huggy Bear in his red cat tent, but I decided those can be posted any day, really, and I wanted to show something else.

A few weeks ago Mom and Dad went back to Mom and Aunt Lisa's home town. Lisa and Brian and Gracie and Clara Ann were all there, and Dad and Brian took the girls to the "duck park" to feed the ducks. When they got there, there were only one or two ducks hanging out on a little island in the middle of the creek. But then, within a minute, a couple more ducks came swooping in. I wish I had been there to try to chase the ducks, because they look like they'd be fun to chase. But then Dad told me that only one actually got out of the water, so I'm glad I wasn't there because I'm not getting wet just to chase a duck.

Duck coming in for a landing

Duck about to land in the creek

Duck flyby

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