Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #26: 13 Messages

Mom and Dad were out of town last weekend going to a few high school graduations. Since they were away, they called to check on us. Usually, we don't answer the phone, but we will listen to the messages. Here are the 13 messages they could have (or should have) left for us.

1. "...did you hear the beep? I think that was the beep. Oh, it's recording ... Hi Jasper, Josie, Maggie and Huggy Bear. We miss you very much. We're bad, bad, bad parents for leaving you for five days but will give you lots of treats when we get back."
2. "Just driving down the road. We saw someone walking their dog at a rest stop and though about which of you would have been patient enough to make this long trip. Only Maggie, I think, so you're all probably better off at home." (Likely story. Make it look like they did us a favor.)
3. "Got to Knoxville. Uncle Doug has two big dogs that would have chased you. Be glad you are home."

4. "Gray, your cousin cat, posed for a picture, but I think it was just because he was hungry." (Not nice to talk about feeding other cats, but fortunately Aunt Tish came by and gave us love and treats.)

Tommy's present
5. "Tommy has a pet snake!" (OK, we investigated a snake in the garage once, and it was interesting enough, but I don't know if we need to see another one.)
6. "We met Chris' dog Fenway and she's very sweet and cute." (What's with all the dogs?!?)
7. "Heading to Mississippi. This drive is long and boring. Be glad you're napping in bed. We miss you." (See how they'd throw in the "we miss you" but instead of driving home they drive further away instead?)

Is Red graduating too?
8. "Red Dog wore the mortar board from the graduation cake. I think she plans on graduating too." (OK, more dog talk ... at least Red Dog is cute.)

9. "Prissy is small than HB and Jasper!" (Silly little dog, really.)
10. "It's been too long ... we don't sleep as well without you!"
11. "We're packing the car and coming home." (This should have been message #2.)

Veteran biker
12. "We just passed about 1000 military veterans on motorcycles on their way to Washington, DC. Very cool, but loud. Be glad you're napping in a cool house right now."
13. "We're turning onto our street. See you in a minute."

We did get lots of love when they got home, and lots of treats too. (And fortunately no t-shirt that says, "My parents drove all the way across the Southeast and all I got was this t-shirt.")

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