Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #25: Random Thoughts

I was feeling both random and thoughtful and, as a result, you get thirteen random thoughts today!

1. The rechargeable batteries on the camera are losing their rechargieness, and this makes it tough on Mom and Dad to constantly document our lives.
2. Mom and Dad, buy new rechargeable batteries.
3. I know I shouldn't take it personally when Dad is checking something on the computer real quick and I hop up on the desk about the same time he's getting up to walk away, but I wish he'd take five minutes to pet me.
4. The magnolia tree is starting to bloom, and that makes Mom very happy.
5. We had some crazy wind the other night. It make it sound like someone was trying to come through the walls.
6. Fortunately, no one was coming through the walls, but someone did have to come and fix some of the siding. Bummer.
7. Mom's making brownies right now. I wish I could eat chocolate.
8. Speaking of Mom cooking, she's been so busy in the yard she's not had a chance to update her kitchen blog. I should remind her, because I know she took some food pictures when she could have been taking pictures of me.
9. Mom needs to pick some of that fresh catnip growing out back and give it to us.
10. If there was an extra hour in each day, would I do something productive with it, or just get one more hour of napping? (The good money is on one more hour of napping...)
11. Mom has a carnivorous plant. Now, I like to chew on a plant as much as anyone else, but if it's going to chew back I think it should just stay outside and dine on bugs.
12. Dad has a troll doll (because I think troll dolls protect computers) but it's up high where we can't hunt it. We used to hunt it when there was no "up high" for it to go, so it ended up guarding the pantry instead of the computer.
13. Is it just me, or do you also like to stare at random spots where nothing is and see if Mom and Dad investigate?

Next week's T13 will be more insightful, I promise.

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