Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tummy Tuesday (and Bengal exercise wheel video)

Just a quick post, then I need to go and check on Mom. Mom's feeling sick, running a fever, all stopped up and sniffly. This is why Mom and Dad should stay inside instead of working in the heat and the sun out in the yard. Mom and Dad put out a bunch of mulch Sunday and they think there was probably some mold in it that got Mom feeling cruddy. I need to be a good Mancat and keep tabs on her, so here's a quick Tummy Tuesday...

Jasper floof
This is my floof poking through the cat stand. Perfect napping spot on a warm afternoon.

Cat stand
It used to be a plant stand, but I claimed it as a kitten and it has been mine ever since. I think the Peace Lily remains more so I won't tip it over than for any other reason.


Also, I was reading over Dad's shoulder the other day, and he was reading a blog post about someone helping with the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue Association and she mentioned that she bought them a Bengal wheel, and that you really needed to go to YouTube and watch some video of Bengal cats on these exercise wheels. So, being obedient the way we have trained him, Dad went and found some cool video. Unfortunately, now he thinks maybe we need one of these so Huggy Bear and I can exercise and trim up. (Fortunately, he's too scared we'd hurt ourselves, so it's not a real option...)

This video is good, too...

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