Saturday, May 24, 2008

PhotoHunt: Shoes

Shoes ... what a perfect PhotoHunters theme! We love shoes (but not shoos, like when Dad shoos us away from clawing at the steps). We like to use shoes as pillows, and as wrestling dummies to practice on.

Shoe pillow
Here's Huggy Bear sleeping on Mom's friend Kelli's shoes back when he was a little kitten. At first glance, you might not think that shoes are great pillows, but they have a nice wedge shape to support our cat heads, and they collapse under the weight of our heads to make a perfect fit. If you don't sleep on shoes, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Kitten Josie eating Mom's "bad kitty" slipper
Shoes are also fun to wrestle with, especially if Mom's foot is in it. Josie liked to do this a lot when she was a tiny kitten. These were Mom's "Bad Kitty" slippers, and were great to attack.

Since Mom and Dad were out of town last week we didn't get a chance to post our pictures from last week's hunt, but I wanted to show some candy pictures. We don't eat real candy but we love our nip candy canes we got for Christmas. We like them so much that we still have them scattered around the kitchen. We'll drool on them until they are so bad that they have to be thrown out.

HB and Maggie get their nip candy canes
This is Huggy Bear and Maggie performing their synchronized nip cane rolling. Maggie loves to rub them against her face.

Jasper's nip candy cane
I believe in careful nip cane investigation before rolling around on it.

Josie with a nip candy cane
Josie prefers to lick the nip canes.

If you or your folks are traveling this Memorial Day weekend please be safe on the roads. If your people are grilling out, make sure they fix you a bite too.

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