Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #23: 13 Things NOT to be afraid of (plus a knock-knock joke)

I was going to save this one until a Thursday the 13th came around, but I looked and that meant waiting until November, so I'm going to go ahead and do it today. Since 13 is considered unlucky, and people are superstitious about it, I thought I would list 13 things not to be afraid of.

1. Black cats: Black cats are nothing to be afraid of. Huggy Bear is big, and can act ferocious when he wants to, but he's really nice and a big ol' teddy bear.
2. The thing under the bed: Apparently people are afraid of the thing under the bed, but really it's probably one of us, and not a big, scary, slimy monster (that's in the attic).
3. Things that go bump in the night: Obviously it's one of two things -- either Dad got up and tripped over one of us, or we're playing thundering herd of elephants in the middle of the night because you haven't learned to pet us in your sleep.
4. Spiders: Don't you worry about them at all ... we'll hunt them for you.
5. Heights: OK, this makes no sense to me at all.
6. Thunder: Now, I don't like thunder, but as far as I can tell, it's just sound and fury, signifying nothing.
7. Water: Another thing I don't like, and a good deterrent to bad behavior, but I don't think you should be afraid of it.
8. Mice: Unless you're an elephant, don't be afraid of mice. See Spiders, number 4, above.
9. The dark: Uh, we can see in the dark, so why be afraid of it?
10. The monster in the closet: Yeah, that's just me snoring.
11. Birthdays: I guess some people fear getting old, but I look at it as more gifts, and more experiences, and more opportunities to meet cool cats.
12. Running out of love: We keep giving love to Mom and Dad, and there's always more love to give, so I don't think it can run out.
13. The number 13: It happens every Thursday.


Here's our knock-knock joke for Camie's Kitties:
Maggie: Knock-knock
Huggy Bear: Who's there?
Maggie: The tabby.
Huggy Bear: The tabby who?
Maggie: The tabby who's about to pounce you!

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