Saturday, May 03, 2008

PhotoHunt: Time

Today's PhotoHunters theme is Time. There were a lot of ways we thought to demonstrate time ... snack time, nip time, wrestle time, nap time ... but instead, Dad pulled out a clock he has. You see, Dad is a recovering geek, and he has a binary clock he got from Think Geek that just hasn't found a place in our new office yet, but was perfect for this photo theme.

Does anybody know what time it is? Well, first of all, it's not the right time, because Dad just turned it on for the picture, but if you asked Maggie, she'd tell you that it is 4:03:17 according to the clock. (I guess Dad was pretty savvy to know if he put the clock in the computer chair that Maggie would come and tell him what time it is...)

Also, I wanted to make sure everyone read tnchick's post about Petfinder vs. PetfinderS and the scam that is out there. We're so glad she found her dog. It worries us so much when someone disappears.

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