Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #24: What's out the window

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday was a picture of Josie and Maggie looking out the window, snoopervising Mom and Dad working out in the front yard. There's all kinds of things to see out the windows, so for today's Thursday Thirteen, I offer you 13 Things Out The Window:
1. Mom and Dad working in the yard, of course. What's better than watching Mom and Dad out in the yard, unless they're in the house?
2. Catnip growing on the back deck.
3. The sprinklers.
4. A new palm tree to replace the smaller palm tree that didn't make it through the winter. (Dad really wanted to plant it in the middle of the night, then pretend that the old one suddenly came back to life and tripled in size.)
5. A bird in the tree by the office window that likes to give Maggie the business.
6. A baby bunny in the back yard that Mom accidentally scared with the hose.
7. Flowers getting ready to bloom.
8. A new flower bed in the side yard where the grass never wanted to grow.
9. Kids playing basketball.
10. Our neighbor's nice-smelling tree that used to be behind his business van, but he got a new job and no longer parks the ugly van on the street (and that makes Mom very happy).
11. New rose bushes replacing the hydrangeas that didn't like where they were. The roses are blooming, too!
12. Still looking for the hummingbird that buzzed around Mom and Dad last summer while they were in the back yard watering plants.
13. A magnolia tree about to explode with blooms. This was Mom's first yard purchase when we moved in, and she's always excited to see it doing well.

Thanks for asking about Mom. Her fever broke and went away, as did her sinuses, but now she has this awful nagging cough that is driving her batty. Thanks for all the well-wishes.

(By the way, have you discovered that Blogger will now let you schedule a post ahead of time, or am I the last one to figure this out? Now I can write these challenging Thursday Thirteens and set it to post on Thursday at 12:01, even if I wrote it on Wednesday at 9:30, like I just did... Nice feature, trying it for the first time.)

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