Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuxie, Tabby, Tent Tuesday

Mom and Dad went to Atlanta this weekend and returned with a cat tent from IKEA. We've loved the tent from the moment Mom put it together.

Maggie getting the sides of the tent
Maggie has been doing "machine paws" against the sides of the tent since she got in. I think she likes the sound it makes. She also likes to roll the tent and to scoot it around.

Jasper and Maggie both in the tent
Look how nice I am, sharing the tent with Maggie (although briefly). If you could see Huggy Bear's face, you'd see he was surprised to see this didn't turn into a big brawl.

Josie in the new cat tent
Josie really likes the tent, too, and we've all been nice about taking turns. Only once did Maggie try to pounce Josie in the tent, but they parted peacefully. For $7, this tent has been a great prize for us!

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