Saturday, February 16, 2008

PhotoHunt: Free

The PhotoHunt Theme for today is FREE, so I'll feature kittens who are not us. Not saying that we are pretty much free to do pretty much what we want, even if Mom and Dad aren't always happy about it, but today I'm going to feature some Free Range Kittens.

When Mom and Dad went to visit Lisa and Brian and Gracie and Clara Ann they also visited some kittens (I thought they smelled different). Lisa and Brian have several outside kitties who come to visit and get some food. These two tuxies are Xedo (pronounced like tuxedo, without the tux) and one of her babies from her first litter.

Here's Xedo with two of her most recent kittens sleeping on top of Lisa's SUV in the garage. (SUV too big for the garage to shut ... hehe ... so they have free roam of the garage and everything in it.) Apparently if that little gray tabby wasn't so feral it might have come to live with us, but alas, it didn't work out.

This beautiful free range kitten recently showed up at Lisa and Brian's. They call him Kingpin, because he's big and is probably the boss-man in the area. He reminds Mom and Dad a lot of Mom's first cat Fluffy in the way he is built and behaves.

Now this little orange free range tabby came to visit us yesterday. She caused quite a fuss when she decided to lounge on our deck furniture, chairs that we've never been able to put our stink on!

Mom stepped out to get a picture, but she got a little startled and hopped down.

The she darted under the deck. (I've never seen under the deck ... that looks like a fun place to sleep!)

And here she is back on her front porch, safe and sound. She's usually an inside kitten, but sometimes she gets free when their dogs go out.

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