Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14 -- Bring on Spring

Today's Thursday Thirteen is about why I want Spring to come and hurry up.

1. Early in the week, it was really warm, but last night was below freezing, and this weekend will be almost 70 again. These yo-yoing temperatures are driving Mom and Dad nuts, which makes us nuts, too.
2. The garage is just too cool for Mom to let us stay in there for a long time because it cools the house down.
3. Spring means open windows!
4. In the Spring, Mom is very happy because she can plant stuff in the yard.
5. When Dad is out working in the yard he brings back in with him smelly clothes that we like to investigate.
6. Spring means the Maggie gets to go for stroller rides again.
7. The Spring air smells so good!
8. Even as a mancat I can appreciate the fresh blooming flowers. And I want to see what all Mom's hard work amounted to.
9. Spring will brings birds and squirrels to the back yard.
10. (I hope that mean Mocking Bird isn't back, though, because he claimed the back deck and kept swooshing at us when we sat in the windows.)
11. Did I mention the open windows and fresh air? I did? Well, it's worth mentioning twice.
12. We will lose our winter coat and hopefully get fewer knots.
13. When Spring comes it means it's almost my birthday...

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