Friday, February 29, 2008

Cat-Friend Friday

I thought I would show a friend of mine this Friday ... This is Mia hanging out with Morgan. Mom and Dad visited Nikki and Todd in Atlanta last weekend. They are the ones who had Hokie who passed away earlier in the month. Well, this is Hokie's sister. She's probably about seven years old. She joined the family so Morgan wouldn't bug Hokie, because Hokie didn't have a lot of patience for her as a toddler. Mia was such a tiny kitten ... she slept in Dad's shoe the first time they visited her, and now she sleeps with Morgan a lot, and with Morgan being a pre-teen, there's plenty of opportunities to sleep with her.

Morgan and Mia
This is such a cute picture because Mia is on the ottoman of Morgan's chair, and Morgan is listening to her iPod touch and visiting this blog. I think Mia has a little Meezer in her by the shape of her eyes and the amount she likes to talk. She's usually hiding when she's not sleeping with Morgan, so Dad was fortunate to get a cute shot of her.

Also our Aunt Kelly made this for me! Thanks Aunt Kelly!

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