Monday, February 25, 2008

Mancat Monday and Excellent blog award

Mom and Dad got home last night, later than they expected, but they're here, and that's what mattered. Aunt Tish again did a remarkable job of watching over us. We had a bit of a tussle in the dining room, leaving a lot of black fur, but Aunt Tish vacuumed it all up before Mom and Dad could get home and bust us. If she keeps that up, maybe we'll be OK with Mom and Dad going away on weekend trips more often. Maybe.

Jasper's favorite chair
Here I am in my favorite chair. This might have been my wooden PhotoHunt picture had Mom and Dad left the computer on because the seat of the chair is wooden, but alas, no computer, no post... Like how I have my back feet kicked up on the post of the chair? I always have to be at the ready to spring or rabbit kick. I like to sit here and watch when Mom or Dad's at the computer.

The computer room is about to undergo an overhaul. The desk is old, and Mom's about done with it, so Mom and Dad got a new desk at Ikea when they were in Atlanta. It's bigger than the old one, which means more room for us to stretch out on. I'm curious to see what it's like, but I like the boxes in the garage right now.

Also, thanks Jimmy Joe for the award! We think you're pretty excellent too!

I want to share this award with some other excellent blogs ... I think everyone who dedicates the energy to maintaining a blog for as long as most of us have is excellent. I'm going to highlight William, Ginger, Timothy Dickens, and Scooby, Shaggy and Scout. These are four of my first blogging buddies and I think they're all excellent!

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