Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12 -- Open Windows

I'm not trying to rub it in, because I know there's some real crappy weather around the rest of the country (Dad used to go to that mall in Memphis all the time when he was in high school...) but when Mom and Dad and I were moving from Iowa back to the South, people kept asking us this silly question: "Aren't you going to miss winter?" It's really a silly question to ask someone who is from the South (OK, I was born in Illinois, but by default, I'm a southern kitty, too, because of Mom and Dad). You move to the South because you don't really plan on missing winter. Tuesday and most of Wednesday we had our windows open. Tuesday night, we actually slept with our windows open! February 5, and the windows are open! So for this week's T13, it's why having the windows open rocks!

1. We are inside cats (for a variety of reasons) so having the windows open lets us smell the outside.
2. We can get a better idea of what all the neighborhood dogs are up to (reason #1 we are inside cats).
3. We get to sleep against the screens, which feels really cool.
4. It's another reason to go from window to window, because, of course, we have to inspect all the windows.
5. The wind sometimes freaks Maggie out, which is funny. (OK, sorry, Mom I shouldn't think it's funny that Maggie is freaked out by the wind.)

6. I get to do my Big Stretch and Paw at the Window Trick. I pull and tug at the window on both sides, which I get away with since I'm declawed and my siblings aren't.
7. We can hear what's going on outside better, too. The trash truck yesterday freaked us all out!
8. It rained yesterday afternoon and Maggie got rained on a little. She's still young and stubborn and didn't want to leave the window. (Again, sisters are silly.)
9. The wind blew lots of paper around, too, which is like a whole new game.
10. When it was raining, Mom left one set of windows open because the wind wasn't blowing the rain in, and that's really cool because the rain smells a lot better than the dogs.
11. Mom and Dad are happier when the windows are open.
12. Open windows mean nicer days are coming.
13. We all get along when the windows are open. We'll even share the window. Wednesday morning, Huggy Bear and Maggie were in one window and were even trying to make room for Josie. Wonders will never cease.

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