Monday, August 13, 2007

Still hot, but Mom's better

Mom is feeling much better ... she and Dad went to Atlanta this weekend to visit Aunt Nikki and help paint her nursery (she's due with number three in October and doesn't need to be around those paint fumes -- and besides, Mom and Dad enjoy painting). While they were there, they spent some quality time with Mia, one of Nikki's (technically her daughter's) cats. They took a quick nap break and Mia sneaked into the bedroom with Lizzie the dog seeing her and she got up in bed with them and purred and drooled and curled up and napped with them. Usually we'd be a little jealous, but this poor cat is loved to death (much to her disliking) by the dog, so she needed this attention.

It is still hot here, but starting to break a little. Don't know if that'll mean any garage time this week or not. We did get a few minutes last night since Mom and Dad had been out of town, but it was miserable, and we'd rather be with them after a trip anyway.

It's about nap time ... take care in all this heat. And thanks for all the well-wishes for my Mom!

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