Friday, August 03, 2007

Maggie's stroller adventure

Maggie went on her first full successful walk last night with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad had returned from the grocery store and there was still some daylight, so they put most of the groceries away quickly (a little too quickly -- Dad left the milk sitting out in the garage all night) then loaded Maggie into the stroller with one of the Kitty Kozies from Timmy Grammie and a toy and some treats and they were off. Mom and Dad took her around the block and halfway up another street before they got close to a yard with a barking Bassett Hound and decided it was about time to turn around. Maggie saw four dogs on her walk, including two big pit bulls. When the guy came jogging by with the pits, Maggie raised up in her stroller and watched them carefully as they jogged past. Mom and Dad were very proud of how she carried herself. Most of the stroll she was lying flat with her paws in front of her in her Sphinx pose, sniffing the air and looking around. Dad took a few pictures of her, but they're still on the camera. Mom and Dad are hopeful to start taking us on more walks after seeing how well Maggie did. (I don't know if I'll go ... I'm still leary of the thing, but Josie and Maggie probably will, maybe even together.)

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