Monday, August 06, 2007

Maggie's close encounters

Maggie is getting all the fun close encounters lately. We had some little sticky people come visit and we were all a big hit. Their mom kept saying "they're so big" about Huggy Bear and I -- she even said HB looked like a bear before she knew his name was "Bear." But the funniest encounter was between Maggie and the littlest one,around eight months old. He was getting his diaper changed on the floor and Maggie was investigating when suddenly he reached out to investigate her. She jumped back, then darted for the open coat closet door and safety. She also had an exciting encounter on her second stroller ride. She saw a fire truck go roaring by, and she also saw some sprinklers running. (She didn't really trust the sprinklers, even though they were on the opposite side of the street.) Mom and Dad (and Maggie, too) are really enjoying their evening walks.

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