Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mom's sick + it's hot = no garage time

Mom has not been feeling well since Monday, with yesterday being the worst day since. She hasn't been able to eat until late last night when Dad made her some chicken noodle soup (Campbell's Soup is good food!). That's meant that we have been holding constant vigil -- sometimes even crowding her a little -- while she rests and recuperates. We hope she's on the mend now.

With Mom being sick and the temperatures being upwards toward 108 degrees, we haven't had any garage time at all. This is probably a good thing, but it is going on almost a week since we've been able to hunt for the toad, lay on the cool cement floor and climb boxes. In the meantime, I am spending a lot of time sinking to stay cool. If I'm not in the sink, I'm either on the tile wall between the tub and the shower or in cat stand (a wire mesh plant stand that I have claimed as my own -- lets the cool air blow on my belly).

I do worry about our old feral friends in this hot and humid weather. Everyone keep cool out there and be safe in this heat. It should break this weekend for us, so I hope that means it's breaking for everyone else too.

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