Thursday, August 30, 2007

Answers from Wordless Wednesday

To answer a few questions -

Are you chewing those leaves, I love to chew leaves? FAZ
yes and no - yes, I love to chew on leaves. It's one of my favorite pastimes. But no, not in this picture. My mom has a peace lily that have almost killed several times from chewing on the leaves.

Do you dig the soil out? We would.
No I don't dig in the dirt. Since my sisters and brother were feral cats to begin with, they sort of liked the dirt. And one time one of them pooped in the plant when they were kittens. (I'm not naming names....) But mom put pebbles in the dirt and we never had that trouble again. Plus I have never done my business outside. I was born in a no-kill shelter and my mom and dad adopted me from there so I have also had the luxury of a litter box.

Does that make good camel-flage to hide out from the youngsters? What are you hiding from?
And as to what I was doing in the palm tree...well I was smacking the branches and Maggie was getting them. You can't see her but the staircase is on the right and she can reach her little arm through and get the palms if someone pushes them down. Just being a good big brother! Also I like to practices my balance beam act by walking around the edge.

Thanks everyone for your questions and comments.
You guys and gals ROCK!!

Please know how much all us McKitten-Cats (and our mom and dad) love being part of the cat blogging community. We can cheer for the winners of the Monty Q and mourn our friends who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge -- t
hrough the good and bad times we all stick together. Thanks again!

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