Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #41: Things we have taught Mom and Dad

It's been since Christmas that I've done a Thursday Thirteen, and I figure it's time for one. So here are thirteen things we have taught Mom and Dad.

1. Maggie has taught them that short-haired cats can be soft, and are not pokey just because their hair is short.
2. Goodness can be stinky.
3. Conversely, stinky is not always goodness.
4. There's always a new, better place for a nap.
5. And there's always time for a nap.
6. No matter how hard you try to deter us, we will do it if we want to.
7. You may not know how we got in there, but we did.
8. If a cord is dangling, it must mean you want it to be chewed.
9. The top step is actually supposed to be a cat scratcher.
10. Toilet paper is a cat toy.
11. No matter where Maggie is in the house, if you are unwrapping a Hershey's kiss, she will hear you.
12. You may think you are clean, but you actually need a bath.
13. There's a box somewhere that needs a cat asleep on it.

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