Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tabby Tuesday

We are starting to get used to having Aunt Tiff here on a regular basis. At first we weren't really sure why this other stuff was in the house, or why someone else was on the couch. But we're starting to get a better understanding of the perk of having a third set of hands around.

Maggie in Tiff's spot on the couch
Maggie snuggled up with Aunt Tiff the other day and made Mom very jealous. Here is Maggie sneaking over and stealing Aunt Tiff's seat on the couch.

Maggie with Tiff's Cat in the Hat
And Maggie is telling the Cat in the Hat that he's going to have to share Aunt Tiff with us.

And yesterday, Cliff and Olivia asked for a better view of the metal basket I was sleeping in. There weren't a lot of full on shots (an attempt to hide the clutter), but this will show the container better.

Jasper in the metal basket
Me filling the metal container.

Jasper more comfortable than he looks
Me using the container's edge as a pillow. Mom and Dad say this is "Classic Jasper."

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