Friday, February 06, 2009

Finally Friday

Well, since I missed making a post yesterday I will show you a very special picture:

A very rare sight
The girls must have been pretty cold because it is not often that Josie will let Maggie snuggle with her (despite Maggie's many efforts). But Wednesday night there they were at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed, sleeping against each other like it was their normal thing. It actually lasted a surprisingly long time.

This has been a pretty big week at the McKitten-Cat house. Aunt Tiff moved in on Tuesday and will be here for a little bit while she looks for a nursing job. This is very exciting for us. It's another person to spoil us, and she also brought all kinds of boxes and bags for us to sleep on and put our hairs on.

And Aunt Tiff brought tons of boxes!
This has been my favorite napping spot since it was brought in to the house.

Aunt Tiff brought tons of duffle bags for us to sleep on
But there's no denying that a duffel bag makes a great pillow.

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