Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tabby Tuxie Tuesday

Aunt Tiffy came for New Year's (this could get confusing with an Aunt Tiff and an Aunt Tish, I know Dad gets tongue-tied sometimes when they're both around), but Aunt Tiff has known Mom for 30 years and came in from Atlanta to celebrate New Year's with us. She brought us some great toys, too! Tons of toys to play with, including a great feather wand that Josie took off with after investigating it with Maggie.

You can see Josie putting the bite on the feather wand here as Maggie circus-bears to get to it too.

So many possible titles for this post, really, because we had Tuxie, Tabby, Toys, Tennessee (beat Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl -- go Vols!) and Tiffy.

We had a good start to 2008 so far. Hope everyone had a great New Year and didn't have too many fireworks near them to freak them out (pretty quiet here, thankfully). We look forward to getting back to a routine so we can start visiting everyone's blogs again and getting some good posts up. Sorry for being lax on the comments lately, but we'll be back to normal as this week wraps up.

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