Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas gift wrapup

We get so caught up in the daily theme posts that we've not taken the time to post about the great Christmas gifts we received. That, and Mom and Dad's new camera has a giant memory card that can hold 951 pictures at the high quality setting so there's less urgency for them to transfer pictures to the computer so I can post them (I'd do it myself but I can't get the push-and-slide door to open).

Here are most of the cat gifts we got ... a cool Tick Tock Teaser toy (on the left, looks like a big wedge of Swiss cheese with a little mouse and ball inside), The Ultimate Cat Treat Cookbook and some Playmobil cats, all from Aunt Cathy and Uncle Doug, plus a Bad Cat desktop daily calendar from Aunt Jackie and the We Are The Kitties book from Chop-Chop Sue.

Here Maggie is showing Huggy Bear the Tick Tock Teaser. In front of the teaser is this really cool navy blue leather mouse with a little rattle in him. Huggy Bear likes to toss him around. Josie is also coming to investigate the Tick Tock Teaser. It took us a few minutes, but we quickly learned how to pull the velcro mouse off the pendulum. But Dad was good and put it right back on for us. The mouse makes the tassels on top shake back and forth, and theres also a red ball inside that's fun to hit.

Remember I talked about Aunt Tiffy giving up four million balls ... well here's Josie investigating the stockings before the toys were all pulled out.

And here are all the toys lined up for us to take inventory. Huggy Bear was happy to do the inspecting. It's important to check out all the toys to make sure they pass a fine approval process before play can commence.

Overall we had a great Christmas haul and we've been playing hard with all these toys since we got them. (I didn't even include the catnip candy canes or our awesome Secret Paws stuff in this, too. Just so much to be thankful for...)

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