Saturday, January 05, 2008

PhotoHunt: Delicious

Today's PhotoHunt theme is delicious. This was an easy one for us. I'd say the hardest part was narrowing down all the delicious things we like. But here goes...

Maggie thinks catnip candy canes are delicious. She drools all over them and makes them wet then gets all crazy and tries the wrestle with us.

Huggie Bear thinks Temptations are delicious ... and who can argue with that?

Josie thinks troll hair is delicious. (I think girls can be weird sometimes...)

I like greens. Mom says we should all be sure to eat our greens. This plant is delicious...

This cat grass is delicious...

And this palm tree is really delicious! I even pulled out the super-bite fangs for this one. Dee-lish!

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