Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #16 -- Random thoughts

Today's Thursday Thirteen is a bunch of random thoughts I've had lately. Spring is in the air and I've been hanging out on the old desk that is up near a window in the poop room (yes, it will eventually become a nursery whenever that time comes, but right now it has boxes of books and our litter box, and now the old desk) -- where was I, oh, yes, I've been staring out the window, or resting on a box, and doing some thinking, which is what cats do, you know. So here are my thirteen random thoughts.

1. First, I think it is funny doing a Thursday Thirteen on Thursday, the 13th. Maybe I should be doing something on luck, or unluckiness, but no, too many random thoughts...
2. I think Mom and Dad need to get the cat stroller out of the garage and back in the house so they are constantly reminded that they need to take Maggie for a walk (and give us a brief reprieve). They take it out from the front door because the big garage door made Maggie about come out of her skin the first time they tried it.
3. It would be nice if someone would make an ice crusher that a cat could use so we don't have to wait for Mom or Dad to make crushed ice for Josie to lick, or for Maggie to chase.
4. Mom got us a Furminator and I like it, and the others are warming up to it, but more on that tomorrow on Furminator Friday...
5. I'm glad that we have a new computer, because it's fast and works and Dad fusses about how slow his computer at work is getting (although his work isn't wholly dependent on his computer it's nice for it to do what you want when you want it to.)
6. Having a new computer also means that now Mom likes being on the computer again, which also means that we get to hang out in front of the monitor more.
7. You know, hanging out in front of the monitor when Mom is not trying to do something on the computer is strangely unsatisfying.
8. Coming up with worthwhile Thursday Thirteen topics is more challenging than I thought, but I'm sticking with it ...
9. We are almost as excited as Mom and Dad about new TV shows returning because it means that we can hang out on the couch with Mom and Dad again.
10. They played Scrabble last night while watching Law & Order, but when I tried to help Dad make a word he made me get off the table.
11. (It would have been a good word, too, if only he had a W -- "meow")
12. BTW, Mom always wins at Scrabble, but Dad always agrees to play anyway.
13. All this thinking is wearing me out ... I think I need to go find my box again. Maybe I can get Mom to put on some Cat Stevens, or Stray Cats, for me to listen to while I sleep...

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