Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday: Meowie and Tent

Just a quick post today ... I wanted to show this cute picture of Gracie with her kitten Meowie. Gracie is Mom and Dad's friends' daughter. She turned four on Easter, but this picture was taken during the Super Bowl. It is one of Gracie's favorite pictures, and also Meowie's favorite napping spot in the big pink chair. I wish we had a big pink chair like that!

Gracie and her new kitty, Meowy
Gracie is our favorite sticky person, but she has a little one-year-old sister Clara Ann who visited with Mom last Friday. Clara Ann is pretty cute too and we had fun investigating this crawling thing. Who knows, she may give Gracie a run for her money!

"What's in here?"
Here she is trying to get a toy out of our new red cat tent. Fortunately Josie decided to leave the tent a few minutes before this little adventure.

Clara Ann inside the cat tent
She really tried to get in, but I think she realized that this is definitely a cat tent, and not a sticky person tent.

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