Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15 -- Pounced by Maggie

On Tuesday, I showed Maggie and I tussling. Maggie is a pretty playful little sister, which can be OK, but can also be a bit much when you're not expecting it. Today's Thursday Thirteen is thirteen places Maggie will pounce you from.

1. The top of the bed. She likes the aerial attack.
2. Under the bed. Good for a sneak attack.
3. Around the corner ... also a good sneak attack.
4. From between the stools in the kitchen. She'll actually jettison herself off the stools with her feet.
5. Down the hall, usually in a low sprint.
6. Onto your napping spot.
7. On the bathroom counter. She'll even bully you out of the sink.
8. The windowsill, although she will also share.
9. Down the stairs.
10. From the ledge above the stairs.
11. Oh, yes, the top of the desk.
12. Or from the back of the desk chair, too.
13. I could have made this easier by just saying "everywhere" because I think Maggie has a little prankster in her, and she'll pounce you just about anywhere, really...

PS - Look who's featured on House Panthers's my little brother, Huggy Bear!!! YIPPPEEE!!

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