Saturday, March 29, 2008

PhotoHunt: High

For the PhotoHunter's theme today I'm going deep into the vault, about a year ago. The theme is high, and back in May we did a photo series of Maggie coming down from her perch way up high. She would sleep either in an old old old baby cradle that Mom and Dad put on the highest shelf in the garage or in the boxes right beside it, as high as she could get, and follow a maze-like path down which included a stretch through the base of a wire stand and a jump over to the top f the refrigerator where Mom or Dad would usually pick her up.

Here's Maggie, about as high up as she can get in the garage, about bumping her head on the popcorn ceiling. She's given up on that napping spot for a different stack of boxes that has an old comforter on it that Dad set out for us.

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