Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Widebody Wednesday

Mom loves to get pictures of me all stretched out especially on my back. Well the other night she and dad were downstairs watching TV (and trying to keep Maggie out of the Christmas tree), I went upstairs and snuggled in for my evening nap in mom and dad's bed. I love having that big bed all to myself. No Maggie, Josie, and no Huggy Bear - just me, me, me. I was enjoying my dreams of crunchy treats and chasing orange fuzzy ball, then all of sudden FLASH in my eyes. There was mom saying things like "Awwww...he's so cute" "Look at his question mark tail" "I love his white spot - remember when he was a kitten" "Gosh he really is very floofy." I tried to ignore her, but she decided to take a squillion pictures. I have to admit, I did do a little posing for her, but I was annoyed while I was doing it. Then she gave me tons of tummy rubs and kisses, so I forgave her for waking me up.

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