Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7 -- Mom and Dad's lame excuses

Well, as you may have noticed, we have not been visiting your blogs and commenting on all the amazing and adventurous things that are going on in your lives as much lately. It's all Mom and Dad's fault. So here are Mom and Dad's 13 lame-o excuses why they haven't been letting us go visiting.

1. Christmas shopping -- really? Because we all know they did the majority of the shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
2. Wrapping gifts -- OK, Mom did go to Dad's work and wrap a bunch of gifts for everyone there so they didn't have to do it at home, but what was that, three days? Not a convincing excuse.
3. Holiday baking -- sure, Mom did some baking, but she was up into the wee hours of the night. What was she doing for the rest of the day? We could have used her thumbs to help us visit blogs!
4. Company -- their friend Chris visited on Sunday through Tuesday, and he did have Mom busy. He was nice, although he did accidentally lock HB and Maggie in the dark garage for about 15 minutes. So maybe this one is OK ... maybe.
5. Cleaning house for visitors -- honestly, Mom and Dad keep a neat house, but they haven't been doing any hardcore cleaning.
6. Working on their own blog -- fat chance of that ... they have been behind on the human blogging for a while now with very random and haphazard posting.
7. Dad's working on the cars -- after poking under the hood of the VW (have you ever looked at the engine of a VW -- it's encased in plastic and you can't really do a darned thing, but anyway ...) after looking under the hood of the VW Dad realized something for sure -- he's no mechanic. He checked the oil in the Maxima, but has no idea where the coolant is leaking from in the VW. Yeah, so after 15 minutes he still knows nothing. That leaves plenty of time to get back in here and help us blog.
8. Christmas cards -- sounds like a good excuse for sure, but reality is the cards just went out this week (a little late by Mom's standard), so this one doesn't really fly.
9. Time going by at double-time -- well, time is going by faster. My naps even feel a little shorter. But I'm sure there's a few minutes in the day for visiting friends.
10. Raking leaves -- this one I don't even understand. They rake these things up, then they just come back. Seems to me they could be inside visiting blogs instead. The blogs come back, too, but their return is much more interesting than the leaves'.
11. Dad's tired after working all day -- likely story! Dad's tired from sitting around. I haven't been to his work, but I know from his fussing that work is slower this time of year, so I don't know why he's tired.
12. Holiday stress -- none of those Christmas songs we have been hearing say anything about stress, so I think Mom and Dad have made it up. I mean, really, dinners, parties, gatherings. Shopping, looking at Christmas lights, running back out to the store for that "last thing" ... where's the stress in that? And how better to de-stress than to visit cat blogs?
13. A million things to do -- if you have a million things to do, why not just add one more? One more thing hardly holds any statistical significance when you are in the millions. If you were a scientist, that "one more" would never even make it into the equation. So go ahead, Mom and Dad, add one more thing to the million things you're already doing and visit those blogs!

So you be the judge ... I think they're all a bunch of lame excuses, and even if it's a viable excuse, it doesn't make up for the fact that Mom and Dad are not allowing us proper blog visiting time, and for that, we all apologize. So hopefully, once the holidays and the visitors and the chaos is passed we'll be back to normal and catching up with everyone. In the meantime, it we haven't visited and commented, just remember, it's Mom and Dad's fault.

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