Saturday, December 15, 2007

PhotoHunt: Small

Today's Photo Hunters theme is small. There were several options for small and, since I featured myself last time, I didn't want to leave anyone out this week. So here goes...

For starters, I like to get in small things ... small boxes, small spaces, or in this case a small basket. Believe it or not, although I look uncomfortable and about to tip over, I actually was really happy here.

When Josie came into our family, she was really small. Her collar could barely stay on. She's grown up, but Mom and Dad say she's still small compared to us big boys.

Huggy Bear was once small too ... I have proof. Here he is with Josie. When they were kittens they used to nap together.

Here's more proof that Huggy Bear was small. You can actually see under his belly without having to push back all his floofy hair!

And of course what would be a small PhotoHunt without small Maggie. We had so many small pictures of her, but when I hunted past this one Dad chuckled a little at the contrast of Maggie and me. (I did have a small picture of myself, but since I ended up in half these pictures I figured you'll see more of me again soon...)

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