Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A very scary moment

The weather has been so nice here that we've been enjoying some open window time. Tonight Mom had opened the front windows in the dining room that are low to the ground. Mom and Dad were eating dinner while watching some TV when suddenly there was this crashing sound. They rushed in to see the screen pulled out, bent toward the outside, and with Maggie near the windowsill. It was dark outside and Mom and Dad couldn't see if any of us had jumped out, but a quick headcount revealed all but Josie. Mom went outside to look and Dad got a flashlight. Mom found a cat (Zoe, the neighbor's cat) and Dad found Josie inside (thankfully). Apparently Zoe saw Maggie and pulled the screen out trying to visit. This screen wasn't in the best shape, Dad suspects, which is why it could be pulled out, but now Mom and Dad are on high alert with the open windows. And with that screen messed up that means another closed window...

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