Monday, September 17, 2007

Mancat Monday

My dad and I (and my mom) have a manly Saturday tradition, we watch Tennessee football. My dad has called me "Big Orange Cat" for obvious reasons, but mainly because of The University of Tennessee. You see, my dad and mom both graduated from there and are huge UT fans. I have been a Vols fan since I was 4 months old (that was my first football season). My favorite place to watch the game is sitting on the couch with my dad. Or if the game is getting really good I hop up on the coffee table for a better view of the TV.

They said if I had been gray, my name would have been "Smokey." Personally I can't believe they would even think about naming me after a drooler. (But for a drooler, he's pretty cute.)

--Now I know there lots of people out there ready to give us a hard time about Saturday's game against Florida, don't worry about saying a word. We've heard everything. This post is about me and my dad doing manly mancat things together. We take our wins with our losses and move on. Now by no means are we happy about the loss to Florida. Did dad say a few bad words? Yes. Did mom throw a catalog across the room during the game? Yes - But as I said before we move on, and on Sunday we were very happy about Peyton Manning and the Colts win over the Titans.

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