Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Mom is feeling all congested and miserable and her nose is red from exploding so much. So for our first Thursday Thirteen here are the thirteen things that are different since Mom's feeling bad.
1. If she felt better she'd be picking us all up a few times a day. Mom tries to pick each of us up a few times each day, but yesterday she felt so bad she didn't pick us up until about 9:00 p.m.
2. If Mom felt better we'd be visiting more of our friends' blogs and making comments (we need Mom's thumbs for help).
3. Mom would be brushing our faces with the brush.
4. We get to snuggle with Mom more because she's in bed resting.
5. Right now we're getting more garage time because she doesn't have the energy to wrangle all of us back in from the garage.
6. We're catching up on episodes of Martha, Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.
7. Mom didn't leave yesterday to go grocery shopping like she normally does on Wednesdays, so that's an extra two hours of Mom!
8. More tissues around the house to hunt. (As a kitten, I emptied an entire box of tissues once, bringing them one mouthful at a time to Mom and Dad.)
9. When Huggy Bear wanted love from Mom she tried really hard to give him pets, but then her nose would explode and scare him off. He'd slowly venture back, just in time for another nose explosion.
10. The weather is cooling down again, but no strolls for Maggie yet.
11. We don't get to hang out with Mom at lunch when she plays games online with Dad at lunch because she needs to nap instead. That means we don't get to IM Dad.
12. We get to nurse Mom back to health.
13. We know that once Mom is better she'll give us all extra attention to make up for the past few days, so better days are on the horizon!

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