Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's not our fault

It was bound to happen at some point ... it's not really our fault. You see, Mom and Dad were working out in the front yard ... Dad pushing the thing that eats the grass and Mom pulling the weeds that seem to grow when nothing else will. Dad had taken a load of clippings to the compost pile across the street in the woods and was heading back with the Gorilla Cart (one of Mom and Dad's favorite things ever!) and Mom thought she heard a "tinkle, tinkle, tinkle" ... and then Mom looks up and said "Oh, NO!" Dad came running to see that the front door hadn't latched correctly, and the door had breezed open a crack. It was enough that we were able to brave a second outside. Well, not "we" because I was sitting on the inside steps saying, "Guys, I don't think that's a great idea," but Huggy Bear and Josie and Maggie all ventured out onto the front porch. As soon as Mom yelled Maggie darted straight in, then Josie and Huggy Bear. Now, every now and then, Maggie will sit by the front door like she wants out or something. She doesn't realize there are mean dogs and fast cars and no food bowls outside.

I think Maggie has been pacified with a lot of garage time, though. Last night Dad gave us tons of garage time because Mom and Dad are painting the bonus room over the garage (we helped pick the colors and supervised a lot -- pics to come later), but when Maggie was in the garage she cornered a frog! Dad came in to see the frog hopping and hopping as Maggie watched and swatted playfully at it. Dad wrangled all of us out of the garage and let the frog escape, but Maggie and Josie have been patrolling ever since, ever vigilant for intruders!

To top things off ... Tuesday morning Maggie made another attempt at slipping out, with Huggy close behind. The termite inspector stopped her at the door, but I think she wanted to go out and hunt for that frog again.

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