Monday, July 02, 2007

Company coming

Mom's family is coming for a visit, which means she's cleaning like crazy (crazy, because we think the house looks fine decorated with cat hair). Her brother and nephew are both allergic to cats so Mom's really trying to get everything un-cat-haired-up. This will be their first visit to the house, and the first time meeting all of us, so we're very excited. We'll have a lot of new people to put our stink on, and that's one of our favorite things to do. Like last night, Mom and Dad's friend Tish came over for a quick visit and I had to sniff her (it's my thing) and she leaned down for me to smell her breath, but then I smelled the chlorine in her hair from her pool and I couldn't get enough. I had my nose buried in her hair for almost a minute sniffing. She got tickled and I didn't get to put my stink on her, but I kind of liked her stink as it was anyway.

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